About Us

Cut by Two is a New York-based fashion accessories brand, founded by sisters Ashley and Alexis Dabagh. Cut by Two gives our clients the experience of creating customizable, made-to-order pieces that include vibrant colored, and playfully designed leather patch embellishments. Since our first launch in November 2020, all launched collections have fully sold out of fabric, leaving no waste behind.

We find our inspiration for our collections among the leather scraps in our studio and amongst all the customer requests. Our family owned factory in New York City, sources the raw material for all of our products, and then our skilled artisans craft each item. So when we saw waste, we saw an opportunity to create. Laser cutting allowed us to get precise and clean lines out of the distorted scraps. Since sustainability is the driving force behind this brand, each collection will be manufactured only until all of the particular fabric scraps from one project are fully utilized. Once a particular set of leather is fully used, the color and fabric options for the patches will change based on what we have available! Each collection release will be an exciting new style that utilizes repurposed materials.

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We can't wait to customize your goods with you!